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What are the causes of multilayer power cables?

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The outer layer of power cable is usually rubber or rubber composite sleeve. The function of this layer is insulation and protection of cable from damage.

Power cable, high voltage or low voltage cable?. If it is high pressure, there will be a layer of similar resin filler, which is insulated, in the high voltage cable, this layer is the most important part of insulation. The low pressure doesn't have this layer, and then it's wrapped around something like a ribbon, which is to fix each core of the cable and fill the gap in the middle.

The shielding layer, are divided into two kinds, shielding layer of power cable has two functions: one is because the current power cable by the relatively large, around current produces a magnetic field in order not to affect other elements, so the shielding layer of the electromagnetic shielding in the cable; the two is to play a ground if the cable protection occurred within the current damage, leaks can smooth laminar flow such as shielding grounding, played the role of security protection.

Control cables in many places, especially the computer system control cable, the shielding layer is used to shield foreign influence, because its current is very weak, very afraid of the outside electromagnetic field influence.

The composition of power cable should be composed of conductor wire core, insulation layer and protective layer. Detailed classification (high pressure, low voltage): conductive wire core, internal semi conductive layer, insulation layer, outer half conductive layer, copper shield, filler, lining layer, double steel belt protective layer, outer protective layer. These parts are made up of! The above for 10kV power cable is explained.

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